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Re: translation

From: harry . thijssen
Subject: Re: translation
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 18:37:08 +0000

> Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 13:41:01 +0200
> From: Matej Kovacic address@hidden>
> To: "address@hidden" address@hidden>
> Subject: translation

> Hi,
> I foud out translation of PSPP into slovenian language is very bad, so I
> contatced translator and we decided I will take care of slovenian
> translation of PSPP.
> I downloaded file from, made a
> revision of translated strings and translated some additional strings.
> Now I am on around 36% of translation.
> I have two questions.
> First, I would like to "test" my translation before submitting a file.
> That means - I would like to run PSPP on my computer with translated
> strings to see how does the translation really looks. which is the
> easiest way to do that?

The po file should be transferred to a .mo file. After that you can place it in the correct directory. A long time ago I wrote a text for it on
This was before PSPP uses the translation project, but I think it contains the information you are looking for.

> Second - to whom should I send a .po file to assure it will be included
> in next PSPP build without any problems?

The translation of PSPP is done by the translation project. You best read
The PSPP developers pick up the new translations and include it in there packet.

> P. S. I have some experience with localisation, I was leading the
> slovenian branch of Debian localisation team a few years ago...
> Regards,
> Matej

Have fun
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