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Exporting data to a text file

From: Crichton, Ronald
Subject: Exporting data to a text file
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 03:37:58 +0000

I used SPSS some time back, and one of the features I liked was the ability to 
create an output file (either a system file or as a text file).  I would like 
to establish whether PSPP will suit my needs.  I would like to read input data 
from a text file.  The max line length would be 446 characters.   I would then 
carry out some data manipulations: computes, creation of new fields, possibly 
with what SPSS used to call MATCH FILES within PSPP, and finally export the 
data as a text file.  The text file may not have the same number of variables 
it started with (as they are often not all required) and the export procedure 
in PSPP would need to have the ability to write the variables to the output 
file in a different sequence from the input file, also on line lengths up to 
446 characters.

SPSS had a couple of good reporting procedures called TABLES and another called 
REPORTS.  Is anything similar to them available in PSPP?  But that is not my 
primary need.

Thank you,  R

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