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Re: Performance questions: workspace_size default value and temp file di

From: Stefan Tzeggai
Subject: Re: Performance questions: workspace_size default value and temp file directory
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 21:36:17 +0100
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Am 20.03.2013 19:08, schrieb John Darrington:
> On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 05:33:50PM +0100, Stefan Tzeggai wrote:
>      Thanks for recommending PSPP-Perl for converting CSV to SAV
>      I have only found 
>      but I need at least GNU pspp 0.7.9 (Fri Jun 29 19:31:48 UTC 2012) since
>      i need the CSV import "/ENCODING" option which has only been added in
>      June 2012.
>      Lets imagine I would find/build a recent version of the PSPP-Perl module...
>      Do you think it would perform significantly better in regards to memory
>      and speed?
>      Right now I am dynamically generating the PSPP-Skripts and that works
>      perfectly - except for huge memory demand vs. slow performance tradeof.
>      Do you know any good reason - or does you stomache tell you somehow -
>      that it would need less memory?
> Using the perl module will be  magnitudes faster and use less memory than
> than using PSPP, the program.    This is because all it does is copy data,
> whereas PSPP is a very sophisticate statistical analysis program and
> has to do lots more work.
> Your mention of the /ENCODING option, however confuses me, because it is not
> something that is relevant to the perl module.

You are right. After looking at some examples I now get an idea of what I will have to do.

Thank you very much...
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