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PSPP and LibreOffice Calc

From: Roberto Roggiero
Subject: PSPP and LibreOffice Calc
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 00:59:05 -0500

Hi, I am new with PSPP.

In the PSPP site they say that it "Inter-operates with Gnumeric,
LibreOffice, OpenOffice.Org and other free software."
What kind of inter-operation is available with LibreOffice?
May I import data to PSPP directly from an .ods file? Or I have to
export to .csv first?

I am using a recent PSPP version: psppire 0.7.9-g632eb9
And my data is in a LibreOffice 4.0 Calc spreadsheet.

Thanks in advance for any orientation.


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