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match files problem

From: Crichton, Ronald
Subject: match files problem
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 01:10:55 +0000

The following code failed (see below).  Does anyone know why?  A dialogue appears: Assertion failed!  File: src/language/data-io/combine-files.c, Line315


I placed a ‘finish’ after sort cases and it ran okay – presumably the data is fine.  I moved the ‘finish’ to after the code as you see it and it failed.  I had earlier run this code:


match files table = *




                /by ClientID.



which worked okay.  So, I presume my syntax is good.  Any suggestions welcome.  (The problem code follows)


Thanks,  Ron



                FILE = 'C:\AVETMISSVal6_10\BradsData\nat00120.txt'

                /TrainingLoc 1-10 (A)

                ClientID 11-20 (A)            

                ID 14-20

                ModuleID 21-32 (A)

                CourseID 33-42 (A)

                EnrolStartDt 43-50 (A)

                EnrolEndDt 51-58 (A)

                DelivierID 59-60 (A)

                OutcomeID 61-62 (A)

                ScheduledHrs 63-66 (A)

                FundingSourceNat 67-68 (A)

                Commencing 69-69 (A)

                TrainingContract 70-79 (A)

                ClientID_NewApprentices 80-89 (A)       

                StudyReason 90-91 (A)

                VETinSchool 92-92 (A)

                X 93-93 (A).


sort cases by ID ModuleID.         




match files file = *

                /in = inEr

                /table = 'C:\PSPP\NAT120_Error4010.sys'

                /in = in120

                /by ID ModuleID.





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