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Program dropping out

From: William Rogers
Subject: Program dropping out
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 10:33:28 -0400

This is Dr.William Rogers at Hesser College in Manchester New Hampshire. We are currently using your PSPP software to teach statistics to our undergrads.  The software is loaded on our computers in the lab and on my office computer. The version we are using is August 2012, however, I have tried more current versions on my office computer. The problem is that after running a single analysis and getting an output  window, attempting to run a second analysis causes the program to stop responding and close. This happens without warning and results in lost work. I have tried newer version and found they won't even read my data file or the SPSS control file. Any ideas why this is happening? How can we fix this?

      Thanks for the help

William Rogers
Hesser College

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