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Save dialogue

From: Crichton, Ronald
Subject: Save dialogue
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2013 05:27:35 +0000

I’m using a Windows XP installation.  I create a command file and run it.  I view the output in the Output Viewer.  My procedure is to create the command file using a text editor.  I don’t use the (PSPP) Syntax Editor because it leaves strange characters in the file which are annoying, whereas the text editor does not.  So, I save the command file from the text editor (leaving it open), and to invoke PSPP I double clicking the command file icon from Windows Explorer (File Manager) and select run.


When I run the command file a Data Editor window opens.  After a time, following a session of command file edits, and runs, I have a large number of windows open which I close.  Is it possible to change a setting somewhere that when I close the Data Editor window that it doesn’t prompt me to ‘quit without saving’?




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