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Re: The PSPP web site - solution

From: Matej Kovacic
Subject: Re: The PSPP web site - solution
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2013 22:02:57 +0200
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>> I have OS 10.8.2, and it works great for me!
> A friend of mine has 10.8.3 and it doesn't work. But there could
> happened some error during transfer. Could you send me MD5 and SHA-1
> hashes of the file you successfully installed?
It seems it was false alarm. A friend of mine downloaded file again, and
this time hash was different. It seems there was an error during first
transfer. Now it is working great.

> Can you also send me a few screenschoots - I would like to include it
> into my PSPP user guide (
Anyway, I am still interested in some screenschoots.



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