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Tables & Reports

From: Crichton, Ronald
Subject: Tables & Reports
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 05:38:01 +0000

Hi there,

PSPP doesn't have the equivalent of SPSS Tables, nor SPSS Reports, as yet.  Are 
there any plans to develop them in the near future?  (Particularly the Tables 

I found Reports a bit clumsy on SPSS, but when I discovered Tables I felt 
elated.  I have just had an informal quote from SPSS, that I'll pass on to my 
boss.  The base package is $3,042 (inc tax) and with Tables it is an additional 
$1,694 (inc tax).  Not sure if he'd want to pay that.  They also quoted a 
maintenance fee of about 20% of that.

How far are you from developing Tables?  Given the above figures I may be able 
to argue for sending you some money if Tables (and Reports) were implemented.


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