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Build error on Mac OS X

From: Teppo Jussmäki
Subject: Build error on Mac OS X
Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 19:56:43 +0300

On Mac OS X libtoolize is named glibtoolize and without separately set 
environment variables build command "make -f Smake" produces an error:
libtoolize: command not found

In file Smake (line 133):
libtoolize --force --automake

One possible solution, replace line 133 with:
if [ $(shell which glibtoolize) ]; then  \
glibtoolize --force --automake;  \
else libtoolize --force --automake; fi;

...or do something like this:
if [ $(shell which glibtoolize) ]; then LIBTOOLIZE = glibtoolize  \
else LIBTOOLIZE = libtoolize; fi;
$(LIBTOOLIZE) --force --automake


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