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Problems with data import from

From: Lena Gringhuis
Subject: Problems with data import from
Date: Sun, 26 May 2013 13:31:52 +0000

Dear all, 

I have downloaded the PSPP version 0.7.10-g330012 to get an analysis of my questionnaire for my Bachelor thesis. 

I have done a questionnaire for my Bachelor thesis with the German provider There, I got two documents as you can find attached. I downloaded the program PSPP as I know that this is a nice alternative to SPSS. Normally, one could import the documents to have a nice overview in PSPP without typing everything in. 
When I am importing the .csv file, there is an error which says that the document contents a row which is longer than 16384 bytes. This indicates that this is no text data. 
When I am importing the syntax.sps file, VAR001 includes all the data of the document, but I cannot do anything to seperate it into different variables. 

Could you help me and give some advice how to import my data into PSPP? 
Thank you in advance! 

Kind regards, 

Lena Gringhuis



student Marketingmanagement - Tourism and Eventmanagement

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