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Re: Propensity score matching in PSPP

From: Alan Mead
Subject: Re: Propensity score matching in PSPP
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2013 16:57:37 -0500
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Wikipedia describes these steps in propensity score matching:

1.Run logistic regression:
    Dependent variable: Y = 1, if participate; Y = 0, otherwise.
    Choose appropriate conditioning (instrumental) variables.
    Obtain propensity score: predicted probability (p) or log[p/(1 − p)].

2.Match each participant to one or more nonparticipants on propensity score:
    Nearest neighbor matching
    Caliper matching
    Mahalanobis metric matching in conjunction with PSM
    Stratification matching
    Difference-in-differences matching (kernel and local linear weights)

3.Multivariate analysis based on new sample
    Use analyses appropriate for non-independent matched samples

So, yes PSPP could potentially be used to implement these steps, but you would have to understand these steps and be able to complete each one.  OTOH, no, PSPP doesn't have a routine that will automatically perform all these steps.


On 10/1/2013 4:37 PM, Suniya Farooqui wrote:

Can propensity score matching be done in PSPP? If so, can someone please share those instructions?

I using PSPP 8.0 on Windows 7.

Thank you,


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