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回复: where to get the examples of pspp syntax files

From: 老邪
Subject: 回复: where to get the examples of pspp syntax files
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 10:45:49 +0800

right, i realized that those files are kind of OLD… and i do know the newest version of pspp contains less example files.
just don't know why the dev-team removed those stat file, coz the syntax changed ?

i need more sample files, so that i can learn pspp faster(i think example is very helpful when learning something new). 
the online documents doesn't have many examples though, it's a bit difficult for newbie to learn pspp, like me

thanks, anyway


在 2013年10月18日星期五,上午10:15,Bastián Díaz 写道:

Not really. Besides files seems to be a very old version of PSPP.

If you prefer, you can do a "git clone" PSPP master repository, but find the same files that I attached it above. (

Do you need only the sample files used in the documentation of PSPP? or do you need more sample files?

Bastián Díaz

El Jueves, 17 de octubre, 2013 23:09:48, 老邪 <address@hidden> escribió:
Hi, Díaz

i just downloaded your file, thank you! 

when i google around, i found a page 

it's a file list for pspp 0.3.0-8 on debian system, it shows there are many syntax files under 
/usr/shar/doc/pspp/examples/ (ext is .stat) 

do you know where i can get those files?


在 2013年10月18日星期五,上午9:53,Bastián Díaz 写道:

The files should be in the "examples folder" in that location.

Anyway I attached a copy of those files.

Bastián Díaz

Bastián Díaz compartió este archivo de Dropbox:

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