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export pspp to libreoffice

From: ftr
Subject: export pspp to libreoffice
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 18:53:32 +0100
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This is a weird case of exporting in PSPP (latest version, under windows) from a sav file to Libreoffice via a csv file. I want to output 14 variables but - I get 14 AND an empty variable when I save the file with identical variables and read it in PSPP, - When I import it into LibreOffice I get another 15 colums with 14 headers (see links).

How is that possible ?

I've linked 2 files to this email:
* pspp.png (27,6 kB) hosted on Ubuntu One: * libreoffice.png (49,4 kB) hosted on Ubuntu One:

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