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Re: download site for pspp

Subject: Re: download site for pspp
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2014 23:30:23 +0100

Hi John,
Many thanks for the very interesting link about windows. It reinforces my present view.
Thanks also for putting a useful perspective on on eof the articles.
Yes, you correctly identify an inconsistency with my position.
I live in an uncomfortable place...I do not trust windows either. but I do try to minimise risks. Linux is certainly looking increasingly to be a way forward for me once I have the time and a spare box on which to learn it (and the energy to migrate my other half <grin>).

Thanks for the clarification about adware versus malware. That made me think further and gave me some additonal ideas for
search terms, and I found the following page
which showed a route to bypass the adware installer in source forge.  Perfect.
(I hope that this will be helpful information for someone)

That route seemed to work well and I have now installed pspp on the windows box with no sign of adware.

Many thanks for taking the time to respond to my question and also to Rob for letting me know that the install on windows worked.

Best wishes

At 22:12 24/06/2014, John Darrington wrote:
To a large extent I share your concerns about sourceforge.  However I
think article to which you linked is overstating the issue.  The
concerns that were mentioned on the Gimp page relate to Advertisements
on Sourceforge, not to malware in downloads.
So far as I'm aware, sourceforge never has made any warranty about this -
you have to decide whether to trust the person who uploaded the softare
in the first place.

But yeah, SF is becoming a more and more annoying site to deal with.
(Harry, is it time to consider another option?)

But Sandy, I am rather confused by the position you take.  You don't trust
sourceforge, but you do trust Windows!  Windows is known to have DRM, spyware
and back doors which allow others to install/delete software without your
permission or knowledge. See

For this reason, (as well as technical reasons) we do not recommend running PSPP
on Windows (but we try to help people who choose to do so).
If you want the best chance to run PSPP in a secure, trusted environment,
install GNU/Linux and run PSPP on that.


On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 09:45:31PM +0100, SAR&BAWS wrote:

     I hope I am e-mailing/posting to  the correct address for the
     pspp users list which I got from
     I also hope that I am phrasing this request correctly as am not
     familiar with the etiquette.
     Appologies if I get anything wrong.

     I would very much like to try out a copy of pspp to run on a
     windows 7,  64 bit box . It sounds to be a really useful package.
      I found the downloads page at  but
     could only see links to sourceforge.

     Given recent concerns about malware/adware being bundled with
     downloads from sourceforge, I did not feel comfortable/safe with
     downloading a copy from there. (for example GNU's  GIMP no longer
uses sourceforge for the installers,
     and comments on wikipedia    seem to indicate
     that, sadly, sourceforge is no longer trustworthy repository) .

     Are there any download sites for pspp (windows 7 64bit or 32bit )
     [other than sourceforge], which do not risk the installers having
     malware/adware bundled with them?
     Unfortunately I do not have the experience/confidence/software to
     build an installer for windows from the source code.

     Advice would be most welcome.
     Many thanks in anticipation, Sandy

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