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Re: PSPP bug in 8.3

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: PSPP bug in 8.3
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 09:16:57 +0200
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I'm not sure that I follow your description of the problem.

Can you post a sample of the syntax which produces the incorrect output?



On Sat, Sep 13, 2014 at 12:57:44AM +0000, Richard Lee Rogers wrote:
     Greeting. There is a bug in PSPP 8.3 for Windows.  The dataset field we 
found this on is a file of the 50 states and District of Columbia--the problem 
is the variable regionname, which is an alphanumeric. In running a frequency 
distribution on a variable (Analyze>Descriptive Statistics>Frequencies), the 
output does not aggregate the table into four rows like it should--instead, 
each state is its own row.
     The bug is not present in version 8.2.
     I have been experimenting with this software in an undergrad stats class.  
The bug was a bit embarrassing. I have told them to delete version 8.3 and 
replace it with 8.2.
     Richard Lee Rogers
     Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences
     Youngstown State University
     Phone: 330-941-3543

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