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From: John Darrington
Subject: Re:
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2014 08:33:48 +0200
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Thanks for the feedback.  We're always open to suggestions on how to improve 
However "improvements" have to be made bearing in mind the following:

1. PSPP is supposed to be a free replacement for SPSS - that is to say, it 
caters for 
persons who are already familiar with or are compelled to become familiar with 
(eg students) how SPSS works.  Moreever, programs and data files which SPSS 
should be accepted by PSPP.

2. "One Click" solutions to a problem are always possible, but the solution can 
be applicable to one problem.  There are thousands of users - each of whom have 
own individial problems.  We could only provide a "One Click" solution to them 
by providing a screen with thousands of buttons - even if that were feasible, 
problem description would not fit on the button.  We would have to write a very 
user manual to explain to the user *which* button to click for *which* problem.

Most difficulties in statistics hinge from a lack of understanding of the 
problem, and
that cannot be solved except by teaching and practice.   Once the problem is 
users invariably want a solution to about ten slightly different problems.  
Rather than
ten extra buttons to click, the practised user prefers a way in which they can 
their problem such that the machine and the user understands - in other words, 
computer language.  I do not pretend that the  PSPP/SPSS syntax is the most 
or elegant language for this purpose, but see 1. above.


On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 12:29:25PM -0400, Larry Gray wrote:
     Thank you for the info.  I am differently in over my head on this program
     and was hoping for a simple (1 click) solution.  I can follow your
     suggestion and make it work.  I have created a new column with only the
     info I wanted to break out.  That has worked but it is a lot of extra
     steps.  Thanks again.

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