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Re: request for .spv file examples

From: F. Thomas
Subject: Re: request for .spv file examples
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 10:38:21 +0200
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Great idea, Ben.

What should the output include ?
Which procedures? I guess no graphics.


On 29/09/2014 06:30, Ben Pfaff wrote:
I understand that SPSS's current output format is ".spv".  I have read
some information on the format of these files, but I've been unable to
find any good source of examples online.  I'd appreciate it if a few
users would send me examples of .spv files along with .pdf or other
formats of the same output.

For background, I'm currently working on adding support for pivot tables
to PSPP, and I want to make sure what PSPP supports is similar to SPSS.
Eventually, I would like PSPP to be able to read and write SPSS output
files, but that is bigger than my current project.

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