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Re: scatterplot

From: ftr
Subject: Re: scatterplot
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 12:49:01 +0200
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Thank you, Friedrich.

Maybe it would be helpful to put this link on a more prominent place ?!

I immediately tried the procedure out, and it did what I wanted:
a scatter of a continuous var with a continuous var by a categorical var.

Now the data points in the graph are coloured circles with a white (or colourless) content. It is more or less difficult to distinguish the data points from the background. And the axes are so short that the lowest value is cut in half.
Is there any way in controlling the output ?

Is there any way to get the graphical outpout ? I output a odt.file but only found text.


On 24/10/2014 00:20, Friedrich Beckmann wrote:

Am 23.10.2014 um 21:13 schrieb news <address@hidden>:

Thank you for the hint for the newer version .

But I don't find the syntax that works. Where do you find a syntax list ?

graph  /scatterplot=y with x.
graph  /scatterplot=y by x.

Neither of two worked.

Hi, you can find the latest documentation here:

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