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Re: problems importing csv files

From: Friedrich Beckmann
Subject: Re: problems importing csv files
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2014 20:34:55 +0100


no, you only need to remove the variable description above the case data. Just try it. It is independent from the number
of cases as the case data follows the variable description.


Am 02.11.2014 um 20:31 schrieb Benjamin Oppermann <address@hidden>:

P.S. The "manual" approach with Vi would be a great deal of work because we have over 350 cases, which would mean doing this procedure over 350 times, right?
Am So, 2. Nov 2014, um 19:50, schrieb Friedrich Beckmann:
Hi Ben,
thank you for the information. The commands I mention in the previous email
are terminal commands. Your file is kind of difficult because it contains:
a) two different character encodings (latin-1 and utf-8) for variable description and the
actual data
b) <CR><LF> within the text elements inside the variable data section
Let me know if the procedure with perl and grep works.
Am 02.11.2014 um 19:03 schrieb Benjamin Oppermann <address@hidden>:
If you complete a survey that I designed for my thesis on this site:
the results are gathered by the site in the form of these csv files.
There is an alternative file that seems to be output to csv format in a
different manner - the two are labelled "abc" and "012", but I really
don't see much of a difference. I attached the alternative file with
I am horrified at the programming of these guys and recommend everyone
to do their surveys somewhere else.
From that discussion, this must be where the problem is at: "At least
one survey website generates text files, intended for use with SPSS,
whose lines end in only CRs (not LF or CR+LF). PSPP does not understand
this format. SPSS's behavior is not well understood in this area. "
I'll try to reproduce what you did in Emacs, resp. the commands you
kindly provided.
Are they Emacs commands or terminal commands?
However I wonder why CR LF are not visible in my text editor (Kate from
Thanks, Ben
Am So, 2. Nov 2014, um 18:34, schrieb Friedrich Beckmann:
Hi Ben,

can you tell me how you produced the original csv file? There is some
about the handling of CR and LF here:

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