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From: Kai Borgolte
Subject: MEANS TABLE output
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2014 12:25:34 +0100
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I just discovered which GREAT progress this software made over the years. Thanks very much for that to the contributors!

I want to clarify this before sending bug reports: In the archive of this list I found the thread with the same subject from July 2014. I think that the implementation of MEANS TABLES is buggy. Particularly the meaning of "MEANS TABLES = a by b by c" seems mixed up with "MEANS TABLES = a by b c".

Given this example, which is slightly adjusted from the manual one's (the manual states that each of the three subcommands produces only one table):

get file = 'C:\Programme\PSPP\share\pspp\examples\hotel.sav' .
    v1 v2 v3 BY v4 /
    v1 v2 BY v4 v5 /
    v1 BY v4 BY v5 .

The first subcommand produces two tables, both grouped in three blocks v1 v2 v3. The first one has results for single values of v1, v2, v3, the second one has totals. These are the same numbers as in SPSS, but SPSS arranges them in one table and has v1, v2, v3 as columns and mean, count, stddev as rows.

The second subcommand also produces two tables, also both grouped in two blocks v1 v2, also one for details and one for totals (no subtotals). The details are for single values of v4 and v5 combined, I think this is what the manual describes "a categorical variable formed by the combination of y and z", but which references the _third_ subcommand. In SPSS the _third_ subcommand produces one table with the same detail numbers, again with total and subtotals.

The third subcommand produces three tables, ungrouped, two for details and one for total. In SPSS the _second_ subcommand produces two tables with the same numbers.

Using psppire.exe 0.8.4-g012d99, 64 bit from sourceforge in Windows 8.
Using SPSS for Windows Release 8.0.0 (11 May 1998) in Windows 2000/Oracle VM Virtualbox. :-) :-(
Kai Borgolte, Bonn

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