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Re: Windows PSPPIRE/PSPP is pretty wonky

From: Michał Dubrawski
Subject: Re: Windows PSPPIRE/PSPP is pretty wonky
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 16:59:36 +0100

Thanks John.
Alan, I'm sorry if I got your intention wrong.

kind regards,

2014-12-31 16:49 GMT+01:00 John Darrington <address@hidden>:
I don't think Alan was trying to be disparaging.

Bug reports are always welcome (although address@hidden might have been
a better place to report it).  In fact, we rely on users' feedback in order
to improve the software.


On Wed, Dec 31, 2014 at 04:09:08PM +0100, Michał Dubrawski wrote:
     Dear Alan,

     Although what you are saying are things that could be improved in PSPP you
     should remember that PSPP is still under development - it is not version

     Even in version 1.0 I believe there could be and probably will be things
     worth improving - recently I had SPSS version 22 installed on my computer
     in the office - first my colleagues from IT department installed SPSS
     itself, and then a very large file with bug fixes. Not long ago we had here
     on PSPP mailing list a large discussion about bugs in various versions of
     SPSS - I myself know person who found some mistakes in SPSS tables output
     (it was probably version 12, 13 or 15 then - sorry I don't remember) and
     after some time received bug fixes correcting this output.

     And SPSS is commercial product, each version they distribute is considered
     to be complete and ready to be used.

     PSPP is developed by people who do that by their goodwill. PSPP is not
     finished and sometimes we all find things that we want to do but it's not
     possible because these features are not yet implemented, but I really
     appreciate the work of PSPP developers and all the people supporting the
     project. With current PSPP I can do many things the SPSS-way even when I
     don't have access to SPSS, and some things are easier for me to be done
     that way rather than in R or recently in Python (although there are other
     data operations and analysis that are much easier for me to be done in R or

     Happy New Year to all of you :-)
     Michał Dubrawski

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