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Re: CTABLES Command

From: Matthias Faeth
Subject: Re: CTABLES Command
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2015 14:56:32 +0100

So nobody else interested to sponsor a programmer who goes for TABLES or CTABLES funktion (tbd) in PSPP?

Or else: Any programmer out there who is interested to do the job?


2015-02-20 11:43 GMT+01:00 Matthias Faeth <address@hidden>:
I agree that the SPSS GUI for CTABLES is of not much use (at least in SPSS 17 the lastes that I used) .

I for myself would be contend if PSPP would support the code of CTABLES (but not only TABLES as Frank oviously states).

So no integration into PSPPire but only into PSPP would be fine for me.


2015-02-19 23:13 GMT+01:00 F. Thomas <address@hidden>:

On 17/02/2015 23:23, Crichton, Ronald wrote:

I work for a govt agency.  They may not come up with money, but I could put an argument that as they are currently paying about $2000 per year for an SPSS licence a proportion of that may be a good investment.


Actually, I don’t like the version of CTABLES spss currently has.  I used to use it on v10 SPSS in about 1990 and found it relatively intuitive to use. I haven’t quite got into the same comfort zone I used to be in back then as with the current version.   I don’t know why it would have been changed.  Rather than PSPP simply copying SPSS perhaps it could be improved.

I support this. The original TABLES command was quite simple and relatively easy to master. I thought of TABLES when I supported the idea.

This is a SPSS 12 flyer which shows the initial, simple lay out :

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