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Re: Crash during save

From: Alan Mead
Subject: Re: Crash during save
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2015 18:55:06 -0500
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No idea but that sounds annoying.  What version of PSPP (psppire) are you using (Help > About)? 

This doesn't solve you problem, but I would manually enter data into a spreadsheet or a file and read it using PSPP.  Tab-delimited files with the variable names at the top work well. In LibreOffice Calc, you can enter data and then when you want to read it into PSPP, you can use File > Import Data... PSPP will try to read ODS files or you can first save the spreadsheet as tab-delimited by choosing File > Save As ..., then choose CSV as the format, then pick {TAB} as the delimiter and delete the quotes (or not) and save.


On 6/4/2015 3:07 PM, Bob Gross - RFG Marketing wrote:

PSPP crashes about every second or third time I try to save a file during manual data entry. What might be causing this?

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