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Re: Multiple Regression with no constant term

From: news
Subject: Re: Multiple Regression with no constant term
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2015 21:01:23 +0200
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On 10/07/2015 19:35, Alan Mead wrote:
> On 7/10/2015 12:26 PM, Harry Thijssen wrote:
>>  you can find it in the start | all programs | pspp menu
> It's:
> Start | All Programs | PSPP | Manual

I did not look at that place as whenever I click on the help button I
get the following error (translated in part from French) :

Error: Cannot open reference manual: Running the help program has
terminated (Invalid argument). The PSPP user manual is also available at or you can find the
manual corresponding to the installed PSPP version local on your PC with
| Start | All programs | PSPP | Manual

I thought the help button sends you to that place ?


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