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install issue?

Subject: install issue?
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 16:36:44 -0700

I am very new to PSPP. But I've got a lot of years of SPSS background.
My question has to do with downloading and installing the software.
I wanted a version that works with Windows 7 and went to Sourceforge pspp4windows and then to a folder named 2015-09-10 and downloaded  pspp-085 etc...64 bit.
When I ran it on my desktop machine it appeared to load fine and I opened an spss data set I had lying around and, in fact, I could run various stat procedures. That's great!
BUT, the 'Data' tab has 6 options--from sort cases to weight cases.
My spss software (vers.19) has a whole lot of other useful 'data' options (merge files, aggregate, split files etc.).
Did i do something wrong at some point? Or, are these other data options not available in PSPP for windows?
And if not available, then do you have a recommendation? Another OS?
(I did look in the PSPP manual and it had 'match files'--which I think was a procedure in an earlier version of spss--but that was not available either in the version I downloaded...)

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