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Windows download link on

From: Alan Mead
Subject: Windows download link on
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2015 15:10:56 -0600
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I was just refreshing my Windows copy of PSPP and I was reflecting on the trouble that Windows users have in downloading and I think some simple changes to the download page could make it a lot easier on them.

I always go to the page:

And on that page, there's a series of bullets for various operating systems, including Windows but Windows has no clickable link (whereas the others all do have clickable links).  Why is this? Shouldn't we link to  Or at least add an HTML anchor so that you can click and it will scroll down to the link?

screen shot fragment of get.html

Also, the actual link for the windows is a bullet further down the page under "MS Windows" that says "XP and up".  Couldn't it say "All recent Windows (XP and up)" or "Windows executable (XP and up)" or something similar? I don't know that current Windows users will know what "XP" and "and up" and "binaries" mean...

I know GNU hates Windows (don't we all) but I hope that doesn't extend to hating Windows users... These simple changes would help non-technical Windows users find the download link a lot easier.



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