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Re: Re: Windows download link on

From: Harry Thijssen
Subject: Re: Re: Windows download link on
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2015 17:55:27 +0100

These are all good points.  But regarding John's comment about official
releases vs. builds of more recent versions, the latest release is
0.8.5. Should we label the Windows downloads as "stable release" and
"latest version (newest features, but possibly also bugs)" or something
like that? I just looked at and there are two different
versions of 0.8.5 so I assume 2015-09-10 contains a bug fix and is the
recommended release that Windows users should use.

Nop, All MSWindows builds are from snapshots.  You can read it as 0.8.5 + bugfixes and new features etc. It is just that the older version is closer to the released source version. In this case, the oldest 0.8.5 version is build on GTK2 and the newer on GTK3. So technically completely different. Another issue is that translations make it in to the package mostly after an official release.

It is just that the older versions contain most likely less still unknown bugs.

I guess users prefer a newer build with updated translations bugfixes and new features. For example the latest release candidate contains a Graph section in the GUI.
The drawback is that they will also encounter new bugs.

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