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SPSS record type 7

From: news
Subject: SPSS record type 7
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2015 18:23:05 +0100
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I try to import a SPSS sav file from PSPP into the R's RKWARD but get an error message. As I don't know whether this is a SPSS/PSPP orĀ  a R question I first post here. The error message reads:
Warning in read.spss("C:{file name}.sav",  :
("C:{file name}.sav" : Unrecognized record type 7, subtype 18 encountered in system file
I have no clue what a SPSS record type 7 nor its subtypes might be but maybe someone here ?

And if we know what the error message means how to answer it ?



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