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installation of /2016-01-24/pspp-090+20160124-snapshot-64bits-setup.exe

From: news
Subject: installation of /2016-01-24/pspp-090+20160124-snapshot-64bits-setup.exe
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2016 23:32:14 +0100
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I try to install the current 64 bit windows version
dated 24th January, 2016, and get a series of error messages:

1/ Panda AV Pro does not find any virus.
2/ Revo Uninstall Pro starts and then declares File not accessible or does not exist or I miss administrator rights.
3/ So I start the setup in admin mode. result: file not found.
4/ Panda AV Pro declares 1 virus found & neutralised
5/ The setup file disppeared.
I guess 5 is linked to 4.

Are you sure there is no virus and the 2nd Panda message is a false positive ?


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