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Re: Mac downloads

From: Jeremy Lavergne
Subject: Re: Mac downloads
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2016 00:24:40 +0000
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On 02/04/2016 12:25 PM, Ben Pfaff wrote:
> Do you have an idea why so many users have trouble downloading and
> installing PSPP on Macs?

It's hard to say: PSPP is a well-behaved package from what I've seen.

Today's email was about a user's apprehension of upgrading their OS; one
could just as well have asked MacPorts if it runs on the new OS.

Since OS X began requiring software to be signed by a developer account,
I've simply turned people to installing via MacPorts instead of using an
installer. This has been the case for several OS versions now.

I'd take the spike in troubles simply to be indicative of popularity.

The only bug reports in MacPorts are edge cases:
 * #46910 explicitly requesting Quartz window manager over X11 runs into
a classic MacPorts issue with already-installed variant
dependencies--not unique to PSPP, and
 * #40019 a bad GSL library--again not unique to PSPP.

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