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Re: data set opening bug

From: ftr
Subject: Re: data set opening bug
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2016 12:50:58 +0100
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On 07/02/2016 09:08, John Darrington wrote:
On Sun, Feb 07, 2016 at 01:27:11AM +0100, news wrote:

      PSPP ended the installation process at 1:00 and now it shows the message
      Unreleased test software. Not for production use.
      But I installed pspp-090+20160124-snapshot-64bits-setup.exe
      (version *0.9.0-g745ee3) *downloaded  from
      Is this the wrong site ??

Well it depends on what you mean by "the wrong site".

The official site for released versions of pspp is, and always has been  (there is also a list of mirrors at )

What you installed is a precompiled binary of a snapshot from the git repository
(note the word "snapshot" in the object you downloaded).  Pspp uses the
convention (in common with many other software) that even numbers in the second
field are stable releases, whereas odd numbers are unreleased snapshots.  (9 is
an odd number).

Until recently, we did not have this explicit warning but decided to add it
because it appeared that some users were unaware of this convention.

The version you have installed is unlikely to have serious bugs, but as it is on
the "bleeding edge" of development, it has not been fully tested and you should
bear that in mind.  One known issue with your version is that the Window menu
does not work properly.  There might also be other issues that we are not (yet)
aware of.  If you discover such issues, then please report them.


Thank you for the clarification. It did not know these details.

When you search for PSPP for Windows the first result that pops up is for and is version 0.9.0-g745ee3.
- This is the one that took half a day to install here - .

There is a warning in the first line of the site that the version 0.9.0 is not fully tested, but a little later on the site states: There are no known issues with this release.
Maybe a more cautionary phrase would help.

When you look at the sourceforge the site
lets you download a snapshot version:

So the alternatives are either snapshot or snapshot ?

So, where do you get a real production version ?

BTW: The snapshot version produced frequencies, but not always.
And when you are waiting for the result the window remains blank. The user doesn't whether pspp works or crashed.

I am not a programmer but if there could be a line in this case that tells "prog is working" or better "case no xxx being treated" this would be reassuring.

- ftr

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