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PSPP help

From: Claire de Koker
Subject: PSPP help
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 16:44:52 +0200

Hi there

I am struggling to start using PSPP and had a couple of questions which the manual and the FAQ online have not been able to answer.

I initially downloaded the latest version (I think from 29-01-2016) and subsequently uninstalled and then installed an earlier version, from Nov 2015 (0.85).

My biggest difficulty is that I cannot save a data file anywhere. When I click on save as, a window opens with the different folders available. (1) I can't see all folders e.g. our Onedrive or personal folders. (2) when I try to save the data file under 'PSPP' it comes up with an error message saying 'permission denied' or something similar. (3) I cant create a folder either as it also comes up with a message saying 'permission denied' or something similar.

Are you able to help?

Many thanks

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