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Re: Re Re: PSPP help (Alan Mead)

From: Harry Thijssen
Subject: Re: Re Re: PSPP help (Alan Mead)
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 23:12:21 +0100


The MSWindows build off the PSPP GUI takes the current dir as the home directory. These are libraries and I can't change that behaviour.

However in the build I am uploading to sourceforge right now, the shortcuts start from the home directory. This way the MSWindows GUI will work more as expected.

IIRC, the reason that the scary message is not shown in
the November 2015 version is just that they added it since then.

I don't know if that scary message is conveying the right message. PSPP
does have a set of automated regression tests... I don't know if they
are run (Harry?)

No, most of them don't work as I compile on openSUSE and compile for MSWindows
but those wouldn't necessarily catch all bugs and it is
true that no human testing occurs before the new version is made
available (unless Harry does some informal testing himself). 

I use to run a syntax setup, but that is in no way a full test.
What would
be ideal, in my opinion, would be if some Windows users took it upon
themselves to vet each version as Harry creates it so that we had a
process to remove this (true) message about "not tested" from a
release.  So far, that effort has not congealed.

Well the message is from the source, not the MSWindows build.

I think it would be usefull if some PSPP guru could make a syntax file which can test as much functionality as possible and check the results automatically . This could be used to check PSPP on all platforms.

But it will be very hard to test the gui that way. In my opinion, using the latest builds and reporting the errors would be a reasonable solution.

Have fun

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