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Re: Warning on unreleased versions.

From: Alan Mead
Subject: Re: Warning on unreleased versions.
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 13:47:31 -0600
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On 2/26/2016 12:03 PM, John Darrington wrote:
> Let's see if we can come to a compromise here.
> Alan takes the view that users should not be discouraged to try the latest 
> git snapshots,
> whereas the decision to add this notice to those snapshots was taken in order 
> to ensure
> that users are fully aware of what they are getting.   I don't think that 
> these two goals
> need to be mutually exclusive.
> How would it be if we changed this notice to:
> "This version is intended for testing purposes only. Please report any 
> problems."


I appreciate your willingness to listen to input. 

I personally prefer not to tell people what to do:

"Testing version may contain bugs; please report any problems."

or even:

"This testing version probably contains some bugs; please report any

There was also the point that the title bars may not be the best place
for this message.  Could we agree that this warning should be displayed
elsewhere if/when a better medium becomes available?  Would it be hard
to print something at the top of each output window each time the
software ran?



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