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Re: Warning on unreleased versions.

From: Friedrich Beckmann
Subject: Re: Warning on unreleased versions.
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2016 20:24:29 +0100

> Am 02.03.2016 um 20:00 schrieb Ben Pfaff <address@hidden>:
>>> Perhaps PSPPIRE should raise the output window, then.
>> That would then be the first really negative functional impact of this 
>> warning that John planned.
>> There are good reasons why the windows are raised as they are today.
> What are these reasons?

For example:

a) You call psppire with a .sav file: The main data window is shown
b) You call psppire with a .sps file: The Syntax editor is shown
c) You call psppire with no parameters: The main data view window is shown

Assume you then want to create a new syntax file: 
The output window does not allow you to do that. You have to switch to the main
window and do File->New->Syntax file

Assume you want to type in some data: Just click and type.

Switching from the output window is a completely useless step. The only
reason to see the output window is to see output from a previous analysis.
I cannot think of a usecase where the output window
should be raised except you do an analysis (as it is today).

Modifying the functional behavior of psppire just to show the warning will 
definitly change
user experience between development and non-development versions. I think this 
is not good.

Maybe we just leave it as is with maybe changing the title text to one of the 
versions cited
in one of the previous messages in this thread?


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