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problem with running port pspp-devel

From: Georg Kessler
Subject: problem with running port pspp-devel
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2016 15:44:27 +0100


I am no experienced user of terminal commands and so I am quite lost with Macports and the downloaded port PSPP-devel.

I managed to install PSPP on my MacOS 10.10. The last line of the installation reads: --->  No broken files found.    I believe, this is a good sign.

The content is there as well as a Unix executable PSPP. When I run it in the terminal I get the error message: Error: Error for opening the output file `pspp.jnl': Permission denied.  [original line in German: Fehler: Fehler beim Öffnen der Ausgabedatei `pspp.jnl': Permission denied]  

I did have hick-ups with installing the dependency Python because a .list-file already existed. Installation was aborted, but I could manually override this problem. Python got installed. I did not clean the port installation, though, because I forgot that. I am not sure whether that is meaningful information.

I would need help in overcoming this problem of running the program and also I would like to create an icon for my deck - does anybody have experience with that?

Any help from this community is very much appreciated!



Mag. Georg Kessler

A   Kohlgasse 51/7
 1050 Wien
E address@hidden
T +43 664 8350554

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