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Re: Windows: Help system testing needed.

From: Dr. Oliver Walter
Subject: Re: Windows: Help system testing needed.
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2017 18:07:52 +0200
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Dear Friedrich Beckmann,

thank you. Now the online help seems to work in the html format.

Kind regards,

Oliver Walter

Am 08.09.2017 um 17:29 schrieb Friedrich Beckmann:
Dear Oliver,

thanks for checking this. Could you rename the file



gspawn-win32-helper.exe ?

This file is in the installation directory of pspp. For me this is:


Does the online help then work for you?



Am 08.09.2017 um 13:30 schrieb Dr. Oliver Walter <address@hidden>:

Dear Friedrich Beckmann,

no, it doesn't work (see the screenshot attached). I use version GNU pspp 
1.0.1-gecad37 on a Windows 10 computer.  This feature didn't work in former 
versions of pspp, either.

Kind regards,

Oliver Walter

Am 08.09.2017 um 12:31 schrieb Friedrich Beckmann:

there was some report that the help system on Windows (10?) does
not work. I do not have a Windows system here. Could anybody with
pspp on Windows 10 test if „Help -> Handbook“ does work?

The original posting with more detailed questions is here:


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