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Re: Silent/Unattended Install of PSPP?

From: Alan Mead
Subject: Re: Silent/Unattended Install of PSPP?
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2019 10:24:23 -0600
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Because Windows doesn't include the buildchain, Harry Thijssen provides Windows installs as Windows executables:

The installer is NSIS, which supports silent installs: , but it looks like Harry would have to enable/support that usage and I have no idea whether he's done so (or whether that applies to EXE's vs. MSI's).

Another issue you should consider is that PSPP is not a feature-complete replacement for SPSS, although you can open/manipulate/save SPSS files (better than SPSS because more versions are supported) and do many statistical analyses.


On 2/14/2019 9:51 AM, Kent West wrote:
(Please CC me as I'm not subscribed)

I've just discovered PSPP. I work for a university, and we have SPSS in some of our computer labs, and sometimes staff or faculty ask to turn SPSS, but our license is only for academic/educational use, and sometimes I fear we tread on gray areas.

I hate having to track licensing and compliance, etc, so when I discovered PSPP, it was - Whoo-hoo! (I love GPL software! Big Debian fanatic, here.)

However, I'm not going to be able to push PSPP usage over that of SPSS unless I can get it installed easily. And that means an unattended install. (I'm not going to go sit at or remote to every machine one-by-one to install PSPP, just to push "OK, OK,Continue, OK, Finish (or whatever the sequence).)

I've found a reference to a silent install in a web search, but no details as to how it is done, other than to use some third-party(?) product named OPSI. I'm not interested in learning yet another package-management system (that may not even be available 18 years after that post).

So, tl;dr, is there a way to install PSPP in an unattended manner (Windows and Mac; Debian is easy - 'apt install pspp', done!)?


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