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Re: indent-tabs-mode

From: Piscium
Subject: Re: indent-tabs-mode
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2022 00:17:46 +0100

On Tue, 9 Aug 2022 at 14:58, Charlie Gordon <qemacs@chqrlie.org> wrote:

> Thank you for your feedback, can you be more specific about the way you 
> perform copy + paste?
> What is your environment? how do you run qemacs and what kind of keys do you 
> use to perform copy + paste?

C-c C-v

normally in

but I did a quick test and the same happens in

> qemacs does not convert tabs to spaces when copying with kill / yank commands.

I did a quick test and can confirm it.

> As a quick fix for your current issue, you can add a .qerc file somewhere in 
> the file hierarchy with this line: indent_tabs_mode = 1;

That worked, thanks. Since I backup /etc but not /, I created .qerc in
/etc and added a symbolic link in /. That way it works for all users
of the system anywhere.

> I agree I should document these configuration options

I agree with you. :-)

> Regarding the default for indent_tabs_mode as 0 except for Makefiles, let’s 
> not start a war, but it has been my default for the last 20 years,
> after 20 years of advocating the use of TABs in source files, my personal 
> take on hindsight 20/20 :)

An artist will be more successful if he surprises whoever sees his
art, likewise a game developer, however in the case of a lightweight
text editor, I think it is good to apply the principle of least
surprise. To be honest I was surprised when I copied and pasted, saved
the file and then diff unexpectedly showed me a difference! I have
never used a text editor that by default replaced tabs with spaces
when pasting something from the clipboard. :-) Where I often see
replacing tabs with spaces is in web forms.

Anyway, now all is good with the help of .qerc.

In the documentation it says:
"All resources and configuration files are looked in the following
paths: ‘/usr/share/qe:/usr/local/share/qe:/usr/lib/qe:/usr/local/lib/qe:~/.qe’

What is the order of reading configuration files? I assume .qerc comes
before all of the above?

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