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[Qemu-arm] [PATCH v5 0/8] QOM'ify hw/timer/*

From: xiaoqiang zhao
Subject: [Qemu-arm] [PATCH v5 0/8] QOM'ify hw/timer/*
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 18:30:28 +0800

This patch series QOM'ify timer code under hw/timer directory.
Main idea is to split the initfn's work, some to TypeInfo.instance_init
and some is placed in DeviceClass::realize.
Drop the use of SysBusDeviceClass::init if possible.

Patch 3,4 (m48t59) has been tested in a sparc vm with debian linux guest
and savevm/loadvm looks fine.

Comments from the relevant maintainers are needed!

changes in v5:
* drop patch 'hw/timer: QOM'ify tusb6010'
* fix minor errors in grlib_gptimer.c
* correct the usage of vmstate for M48txxISAState and M48txxSysBusState

changes in v4: 
* correct some misused "Reviewed-by" tags
* fix 'make check' fail case in the "/arm/device/introspect/concrete"
  test in tusb6010.c 

changes in v3: 
* remove unnecessary OBJECT cast
* refine some commit message
* use DeviceClass::vmsd instead of vmstate_register to register
  the VMState if possible

changes in v2: 
fix a stupid typo (timmer->timer)

xiaoqiang zhao (8):
  hw/timer: QOM'ify etraxfs_timer
  hw/timer: QOM'ify lm32_timer
  hw/timer: QOM'ify m48txx_sysbus (pass 1)
  hw/timer: QOM'ify m48txx_sysbus (pass 2)
  hw/timer: QOM'ify milkymist_sysctl
  hw/timer: QOM'ify puv3_ost
  hw/timer: QOM'ify slavio_timer
  hw/timer: QOM'ify grlib_gptimer

 hw/timer/etraxfs_timer.c    | 14 +++++------
 hw/timer/grlib_gptimer.c    | 32 ++++++++++++++----------
 hw/timer/lm32_timer.c       | 19 +++++++++------
 hw/timer/m48t59.c           | 59 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------
 hw/timer/milkymist-sysctl.c | 21 ++++++++++------
 hw/timer/puv3_ost.c         | 18 ++++----------
 hw/timer/slavio_timer.c     | 12 ++++-----
 7 files changed, 101 insertions(+), 74 deletions(-)


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