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Guest has not initialized the display (yet).

From: Prabhnoor Ghuman
Subject: Guest has not initialized the display (yet).
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2020 18:15:30 +1000

Over the last couple of days, I have been trying to run a QEMU system due to a server that I was setting up. I wanted to protect my actual computer from anything malicious that could get onto it due to a person being able to upload. The speed wasn't great and I realised the problem was likely the fact that the x86_64 emulator doesn't allow for multithreading TCG (well I can't find anything saying it does anyway), and I had the option enabled. I therefore decided I could go use a different architecture because the operating system I would like to use is openSUSE, and it supports aarch64 as well. I have an installer ISO and a QCOW2 disk image. I tried booting the system and then the error came up: "Guest has not initialized the display (yet)".

Here are the command line parameters I am using at the moment:

qemu-system-aarch64 -cdrom "C:\Users\GHU0002\Downloads\openSUSE-Tumbleweed-NET-aarch64-Snapshot20200421-Media.iso" -drive file=Drive.qcow2 -m 2G -smp 4 -machine sbsa-ref -usbdevice tablet -net nic -net user -accel tcg,thread=multi -vga xenfb -display gtk

Sidenote: I am using the 'sbsa-ref' machine because it is the only one that seemed to support everything I needed: 4 Cores, 2GB RAM, USB, and a CD drive. If it is just a problem with the machine, please suggest another that I can use.

My system specs:

  • 1.10GHz Celeron N4100 (up to 2.3GHz) (not great, I know)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 128GB SanDisk SSD (not sure which type, but pretty sure that isn't relevant)
  • iGPU UHD 600 (Again, I know)

Any help is appreciated!

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