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[PATCH for-5.2 00/19] aspeed: mostly cleanups and some extensions

From: Cédric Le Goater
Subject: [PATCH for-5.2 00/19] aspeed: mostly cleanups and some extensions
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2020 15:20:47 +0200


Various fixes improving the support of Aspeed machines.



Cédric Le Goater (16):
  m25p80: Return the JEDEC ID twice for mx25l25635e
  m25p80: Add support for mx25l25635f
  m25p80: Add support for n25q512ax3
  aspeed/scu: Fix valid access size on AST2400
  aspeed/smc: Fix MemoryRegionOps definition
  aspeed/smc: Fix max_slaves of the legacy SMC device
  aspeed/sdhci: Fix reset sequence
  ftgmac100: Fix registers that can be read
  ftgmac100: Fix interrupt status "Packet transmitted on ethernet"
  ftgmac100: Fix interrupt status "Packet moved to RX FIFO"
  ftgmac100: Change interrupt status when a DMA error occurs
  ftgmac100: Check for invalid len and address before doing a DMA
  ftgmac100: Fix integer overflow in ftgmac100_do_tx()
  ftgmac100: Improve software reset
  aspeed/sdmc: Simplify calculation of RAM bits
  aspeed/smc: Open AHB window of the second chip of the AST2600 FMC

Joel Stanley (2):
  aspeed/sdmc: Perform memory training
  aspeed/sdmc: Allow writes to unprotected registers

erik-smit (1):
  hw/arm/aspeed: Add board model for Supermicro X11 BMC

 include/hw/misc/aspeed_sdmc.h |  13 +++-
 hw/arm/aspeed.c               |  35 ++++++++++
 hw/block/m25p80.c             |   4 +-
 hw/misc/aspeed_scu.c          |   9 +--
 hw/misc/aspeed_sdmc.c         | 125 +++++++++++++++++++---------------
 hw/net/ftgmac100.c            |  45 ++++++++----
 hw/sd/aspeed_sdhci.c          |  10 ++-
 hw/ssi/aspeed_smc.c           |   6 +-
 8 files changed, 167 insertions(+), 80 deletions(-)


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