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[Qemu-block] CDROM Eject behaviour

From: Peter Lieven
Subject: [Qemu-block] CDROM Eject behaviour
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 11:46:13 +0100
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I just stumbled across an old ticket where a user complains that an ejected CD 
is visible again after a reset.
It seems that the behaviour of qemu changed somewhen in the past (maybe years 
ago). I wonder
which behaviour would be correct or better.

If we eject a CD with the eject command via qmp or hmp we open the tray *AND* 
remove the media.

If the OS ejects a CD we just open the tray. So if the ATAPI or SCSI CDROM is 
resetted the tray is closed
and the CD is there again.

Its like we should behave like a tray CDROM or a slot-in CDROM.

A CD installer usually ejects the media after it has finished. Some ask to 
remove the media and press a key
some not.

Whats your opinion?


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