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[Qemu-block] [PATCH v2 00/14] Make Q35 devices closer to Qemu object mod

From: Efimov Vasily
Subject: [Qemu-block] [PATCH v2 00/14] Make Q35 devices closer to Qemu object model.
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 15:24:44 +0300

The patch series makes several devices closer to Qemu object model.

I am developing a tool that automatize creation of device and machine models.

Recently, I've take part in development of several models. And I noticed that
a significant part of code is same. The examples are:
- Each device represented by a header and a source.
- The device or machine class is described by a set of callbacks containing in
TypeInfo structure.
- Each TypeInfo structure is accounted by a register function.
- A register function is sheduled by a type_init macro.
- Class and state structures of an inherited type are prepended by ones of the
parent type.
- A device must have VM state description.
- A device or a machine can have properties.
- A device can use internal APIs such as: timer, chardev, blockdev, IRQ,
system bys memory and port mapping, PCI BARs, PCI MSI(X), etc.
- A machine consists of devices and memory tree. Devices are linked by IRQs and
buses and assigned property values.
- All of the above should follow the Qemu coding style.

For every listed item can be generated a stub code. All stubs can be generated
with respect to each other forming compileable device (or machine). Ideally,
a programmer have to implement custom device/machine logic and to assign
meaningful names to variables, functions, macroses etc. using a refactoring

Of cource, a device/machine description for the tool has to be significantly
smaller than the code the tool produced. A GUI constructor is preferred too.

I've chosed Q35 machine to test the tool. The Q35 is one of the most 
complex boards. I have implemented 64-bit CPU, soft MMU, 1GB RAM, 1 HDD,
PCI, USB machine variant. Most of devices is instantiated using the object
model. Some logic (I/O port 80, I/O port F0, A20 line) is dedicated to new
devices. The stubs for thay is also generated by the tool.

In course of implementing Q35 I've noticed that some device models does not
follow Qemu object model close enough. The patch series is desined to make them

Change log:

v1 -> v2:
A patch was added after 11-th one. The patch introduces function
isa_connect_gpio_out needed by new version of consequent patch.

 01: Git global option diff.renames was set true to generate the patch avoiding
checkpatch.pl issues.

 02, 05: qdev_prop_allow_set_link_before_realize is used instead of

 07, 08: Named GPIO was used for a20 line.

 10, 11: The patches were rebased against the patch series

 10: Named GPIO is used for gsi. The name is "gsi" with alias ICH9_GPIO_GSI.

 12: It's a new patch. The patch introduces function isa_connect_gpio_out.

 13 (previously 12): Use isa_connect_gpio_out instead of isa_init_irq.

Efimov Vasily (14):
  ide: move headers to include folder
  pcspk: convert "pit" property type from ptr to link
  vmport: identify vmport type by macro TYPE_VMPORT
  pflash: make TYPE_CFI_PFLASH0{1,2} macros public
  Q35: implement property interfece to several parameters
  pc_q35: configure Q35 instance using properties
  pckbd: handle A20 IRQ as GPIO
  port92: handle A20 IRQ as GPIO
  ICH9 SMB: make TYPE_ICH9_SMB_DEVICE macro public
  ICH9 LPC: handle GSI as qdev GPIO
  ICH9 LPC: move call of isa_bus_irqs to 'realize' method
  isa: introduce wrapper isa_connect_gpio_out
  MC146818 RTC: add GPIO access to output IRQ
  ICH9 LPC: configure PCI IRQs routing internally

 hw/audio/pcspk.c                  |  9 +++++++--
 hw/block/pflash_cfi01.c           |  1 -
 hw/block/pflash_cfi02.c           |  1 -
 hw/i2c/smbus_ich9.c               |  1 -
 hw/i386/pc.c                      | 10 +++++-----
 hw/i386/pc_q35.c                  | 30 +++++++++++++++++-------------
 hw/ide/ahci.c                     |  2 +-
 hw/input/pckbd.c                  | 21 +++++++--------------
 hw/isa/isa-bus.c                  |  7 +++++++
 hw/isa/lpc_ich9.c                 | 15 ++++++++++++---
 hw/misc/vmport.c                  |  1 -
 hw/pci-host/q35.c                 | 20 ++++++++++++++++++++
 hw/timer/mc146818rtc.c            |  6 ++++--
 include/hw/audio/pcspk.h          |  2 +-
 include/hw/block/flash.h          |  3 +++
 include/hw/i386/ich9.h            |  9 +++++----
 include/hw/i386/pc.h              |  8 +++++++-
 {hw => include/hw}/ide/ahci.h     |  0
 {hw => include/hw}/ide/internal.h |  0
 {hw => include/hw}/ide/pci.h      |  0
 include/hw/isa/isa.h              |  1 +
 include/hw/pci-host/q35.h         |  5 +++++
 22 files changed, 102 insertions(+), 50 deletions(-)
 rename {hw => include/hw}/ide/ahci.h (100%)
 rename {hw => include/hw}/ide/internal.h (100%)
 rename {hw => include/hw}/ide/pci.h (100%)


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