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[Qemu-block] Question: an IO hang problem

From: sochin . jiang
Subject: [Qemu-block] Question: an IO hang problem
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 17:38:09 +0800
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 Hi, guys,

 Recently, I encountered an IO hang problem in occasion which I cannot reproduce it now.

 I analyzed this problem carefully, the critical stack is as following:

After reading the codes in linux-aio.c(see ioq_submit() function), I found two situations could lead us here.

1) no AIOs are in flight(s->ioq.in_flight is 0) and another call to io_submit returns -EAGAIN

2) no AIOs are in flight(s->ioq.in_flight is 0) and s->io_q.pending IOs reach to MAX_EVENTS at once

In both the two situations above, the do{...}while loop breaks out and set s->io_q.blocked true.

After that, AIO completion callback will never be called,  ioq_submit() either, all pended requests will hang.

Is there a proper way we can fix this while do not affect(stuck) the guest ?

Hope for a reply, thanks.


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