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[PULL 01/11] image-fuzzer: Open image files in binary mode

From: Stefan Hajnoczi
Subject: [PULL 01/11] image-fuzzer: Open image files in binary mode
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2019 16:43:22 +0100

From: Eduardo Habkost <address@hidden>

This probably never caused problems because on Linux there's no
actual newline conversion happening, but on Python 3 the
binary/text distinction is stronger and we must explicitly open
the image file in binary mode.

Signed-off-by: Eduardo Habkost <address@hidden>
Reviewed-by: John Snow <address@hidden>
Reviewed-by: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé <address@hidden>
Message-id: address@hidden
Message-Id: <address@hidden>
Signed-off-by: Stefan Hajnoczi <address@hidden>
 tests/image-fuzzer/qcow2/layout.py | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/tests/image-fuzzer/qcow2/layout.py 
index 675877da96..c57418fa15 100644
--- a/tests/image-fuzzer/qcow2/layout.py
+++ b/tests/image-fuzzer/qcow2/layout.py
@@ -503,7 +503,7 @@ class Image(object):
     def write(self, filename):
         """Write an entire image to the file."""
-        image_file = open(filename, 'w')
+        image_file = open(filename, 'wb')
         for field in self:
             image_file.write(struct.pack(field.fmt, field.value))

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