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Re: [RFC PATCH v2 18/26] qcow2: Add subcluster support to expand_zero_cl

From: Alberto Garcia
Subject: Re: [RFC PATCH v2 18/26] qcow2: Add subcluster support to expand_zero_clusters_in_l1()
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2019 16:43:59 +0100
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On Tue 05 Nov 2019 12:05:02 PM CET, Max Reitz wrote:
>> @@ -2102,6 +2103,7 @@ static int expand_zero_clusters_in_l1(BlockDriverState 
>> *bs, uint64_t *l1_table,
>>                  } else {
>>                      set_l2_entry(s, l2_slice, j, offset);
>>                  }
>> +                set_l2_bitmap(s, l2_slice, j, QCOW_L2_BITMAP_ALL_ALLOC);
>>                  l2_dirty = true;
>>              }
> Technically this isn’t needed because this function is only called
> when downgrading v3 to v2 images (which can’t have subclusters), but
> of course it won’t hurt.

Right, but we need to change the function anyway to either do this or
assert that there are no subclusters. I prefer to do this because it's
trivial but I won't oppose if someone prefers the alternative.


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