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Re: Plans to bring QMP 'x-blockdev-reopen' out of experimental?

From: Alberto Garcia
Subject: Re: Plans to bring QMP 'x-blockdev-reopen' out of experimental?
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2020 17:12:08 +0100
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On Tue 20 Oct 2020 10:23:33 AM CEST, Kevin Wolf wrote:
>> I forgot to add, we still don't support changing bs->file with this
>> command, so I guess that would be one blocker?
>> There's no other way of inserting filter nodes, or is there?
> Not that I'm aware of.
> So yes, changing bs->file is the one thing I had in mind for
> implementing before we mark it stable.
> I'm not entirely sure if we should make some restrictions or allow
> arbitrary changes. If it's only about filters, we could check that the
> node returned by bdrv_skip_filters() stays the same. This would be
> almost certainly safe (if the chain is not frozen, of course).
> If people want to dynamically insert non-filters (maybe quorum?), it
> might be more restrictive than necessary, though.
> Other cases like inserting a qcow2 file in the chain where the old
> child becomes the backing file of the newly inserted node should in
> theory already be covered by blockdev-snapshot.


I have been working a bit on this and I have doubts about the
following situation: let's say we have a normal qcow2 image with two
BDS for format (node-name "hd0") and protocol ("hd0-file"):

   hd0 -> hd0-file

{ "execute": "blockdev-add", "arguments":
   {'driver': 'file', 'node-name': 'hd0-file', 'filename':  'hd0.qcow2 }}
{ "execute": "blockdev-add", "arguments":
   {'driver': 'qcow2', 'node-name': 'hd0', 'file': 'hd0-file'}}

Now we want to use x-blockdev-reopen to insert a throttle filter
between them, so the result would be:

   hd0 -> throttle -> hd0-file

First we add the filter:

{ "execute": "object-add", "arguments":
   { 'qom-type': 'throttle-group', 'id': 'group0',
     'props': { 'limits': { 'iops-total': 1000 } } } }
{ "execute": "blockdev-add", "arguments":
   { 'driver': 'throttle', 'node-name': 'throttle0',
     'throttle-group': 'group0', 'file': "hd0-file" } }

And then we insert it:

{ "execute": "x-blockdev-reopen", "arguments":
   {'driver': 'qcow2', 'node-name': 'hd0', 'file': 'throttle0'}}

So x-blockdev-reopen sees that we want to replace the current bs->file
("hd0-file") with a new one ("throttle0"). The problem here is that
throttle0 has hd0-file as its child, so when we check the permissions on
throttle0 (and its children) we get that hd0-file refuses because it's
already being used (although in in the process of being replaced) by

"Conflicts with use by hd0 as 'file', which does not allow 'write, resize' on 

And we would get a similar problem with the reverse operation (removing
the filter).


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