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Re: [PATCH v10 18/21] job.c: enable job lock/unlock and remove Aiocontex

From: Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy
Subject: Re: [PATCH v10 18/21] job.c: enable job lock/unlock and remove Aiocontext locks
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2022 21:54:55 +0300
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On 8/16/22 15:52, Emanuele Giuseppe Esposito wrote:
@@ -501,8 +481,12 @@ void job_unref_locked(Job *job)>
             if (job->driver->free) {
+            AioContext *aio_context = job->aio_context;
+            /* FIXME: aiocontext lock is required because cb calls
blk_unref */
+            aio_context_acquire(aio_context);
+            aio_context_release(aio_context);
So, job_unref_locked() must be called with aio_context not locked,
otherwise we dead-lock here? That should be documented in function
declaration comment.

For example in qemu-img.c in run_block_job() we do exactly that: call
job_unref_locked()  inside aio-context lock critical seaction..
No, job_unref_locked has also status and refcnt and all the other fields
that need to be protectd. Only free must be called without job lock held.

I mean, don't we try here to acquire aio_context twice, when we call 
job_unref_locked() with aio_context _already_ acquired?

Best regards,

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